Composition of the partnership

- Organization of Women of Municipality of Sveti Nikole
(Youth Sector-Daily Educative Youth Center Babylon, Sveti Nikole);

- Mediterranean and Environment-International Federation, Marina Di Jonica ;

- Association for developing voluntary work, Jagodina;

- Euroalternatives 21, Yakoruda;

- Association of Citizens – Lotos, Zenica;

Association for developing voluntary work, Novo Mesto



Organization of Women of Sveti Nikole

(Youth Sector - Daily Educative Youth Center BABYLON-Sveti Nikole)


Our Organization works actively since 1990 and it represents the continue of the previous woman organizing in the community.

As non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable the Organization of women has activities on the territory of our community and on national level.

The Organization has 500 members (women and men) with signed papers for membership from whom 30 are active volunteers and the rest are temporary involved in the work of the Organization.

The mission of the Organization includes :

-Health education and protection as prevention;

-Work with children and youth through various forms;

-Cooperation with other NGOs and institutions on local and international level;

-Emancipation and sex equality;

-Every kind of help ( legal, social, humanitarian and other);

-Human rights

-Environment protection programme;

Since May 2001 we have opened daily educational center for children and youths - BABYLON where we work with over 450 children and around 180 youths (this center continuously working also from May 2001 – July 2006). It was part from Project for development of children and youth. Project for development of children and youth was a project of Sport and Youth Agency of R.Macedonia, which was implemented with cooperation with World Bank, and in Sv.Nikole was realized as project activities of Women`s Organization from Municipality of Sv.Nikole. Basic target of this project was implemented through Babylon Centers and it was presentation of social cohesion of youth from different risk groups, which have different socio-cultural origin.

Babylon Center is center for children and youth, where educated dedicated, motivated, responsible and communicative young people with partnership with Local Government, NGO`s, business sector, foundations, donors and parents, are developing democratic organizational structure with managerial network system, in purpose, young participants, through education of young people of same age and non-formal education to develop their own capacity for their active participation into society.

In our youth center we have activities:

-life skills and creativity with children and youth,

-resolving conflicts;

-education for peace;

-human rights;

-learning foreign languages;

-computer skills ;

-making and editing E- Babylon News paper;

-journalism and debate;


-International youth excahnges;


-study visits and training courses;

-international work camps;

-one-day excursion;

-a lot of educational workshops on different topics (prevention of trafficking in human beings, gender equality e.t.c.), working with Roma youths.

-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - Realization of the project “With sport against racism and discrimination” support by FARE (Footbal Against Racism in Europe). Our Center took part in FARE Action Week against racism in football. We organized tournament in ‘small football” were pupils from different nationalities from our Municipality;

-Our Organization participated actively on National meetings for creating a National strategy for more effective implementation of the YOUTH programme in Macedonia;

-Our Organization participated in the process of creation of National Strategy for Youth Of Republic of Macedonia;

-From 26 June to 03 July 2006 in Dojran, Macedonia we realized "International Educational Youth Camp";

-Every summer we organized summer camp which is positioned on mountain Jakupica. In this summer camp, children and youth through out all-day activities, friendship, entertainment have got opportunities to take part in organized workshops about ecology, art, sport etc.

- We actively work on projects in framework of Youth In Action Programme ;

  • We have more then 5 youth projects yearly,

  • Our Youth In Action experience till today:

    We were partner organization of Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation from Italy for the project “Urban Myths” (Action 1.1) which main activities were hold in October 2007,

    partner organization of Developing Voluntary Work Association– Jagodina from Serbia for their youth exchange “Let’s Clean Up The World” realized in August 2006 in Serbia (previous YOUTH programme).

    Also we (together with our partner organizations) already have realized our first youth exchange (Youth in Action Programme – Action 3.1) as host organization in July 2007 in Macedonia.

    We were partner organization of Nics Club Adapazari Enka Schools from Turkey for the project "Refraction Of Light" , March 2008.

    We are partner organization of Euroalternatives 21 from Bulgaria for their youth exchange which will be realized in July 2008.

    In last few years our representatives took part on several trainings, partnership building activities and contact making seminars in Youth and Youth in Action Programme.

    Our Organization participated actively on National meetings for creating a National strategy for more effective implementation of the YOUTH programme in Macedonia (Struga – September, 2004 and Skopje, November 2004);



    Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation is association of social promotion that bases its roots in the activity of protection and defence of nature and the environment, of natural resources, of general health, of animal and vegetable species, of ecosystems, of historical, artistic and cultural heritage, of territory and of landscape; in favour of ways of life, production, consumption and training based on the eco-development and the protection of the consumers, to guarantee a balanced relation between human activity and nature and the preservation of genetic variety; the promotion of a sustainable use of natural resources from now to the long period; the fight against pollution, waste and irrational use of natural resources and energy; the cultural promotion of these subjects; to get over insecurity, injustice and authoritarianism of the international community, to promote cooperation among the peoples in favour of a sustainable development.

    Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation agrees to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the United Nations’ Convention of the Child, to the building process of European Union and to the promotion of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and works in local, national and international contexts to assert the principles contained in these agreements.

    Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation fights against every war and every kind of violence among human beings or against other human beings: non-violence and pacifism are basing values of cultural identity and way of acting of the Association.

    Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation is organized with a non-profit national and international federation of associations, groups, clubs that join a general commitment for the development of the human society. The organization promotes the participation of citizens to the social life and the role of social promotion of associations and third sector, in Italy and in the world.

    Mediterranean and Environment- International Federation fights against every kind of intolerance, racism, injustice, violence, discrimination.

    International Federation Mediterraneo & Ambiente
    Co-ordination Office: Piazza Luigi Sturzo
    89046 Marina di Gioiosa Jonica R.C. Calabria Italy
    Tel. Fax: 0964417846 , Tel. Fax 0964416699
    Web Site:
    Information International projects: Mrs. Francesca Maraldi

    Tel. : +39 0964 417846 Mobile phone: +39 334 92 95 379




    The association had numerous activities during the period 2004.-2007. and it succeeded in developing a great interest in this kind of voluntary work in our environment.The results the association achieved are visible and known not only in our near surroundings but beyond the borders of Serbia.This period of our voluntary work is characterized by its recognizability and implementation in every day life.

    The primary activity of our association is offering help to children that have difficulties in learning and overcoming the current school programme.100 per cent of the children included improved their school results.None of them had negative school marks after.Every day gatherings in our voluntary work center made habits among the children which included creative activities and the spirit of solidarity.Thus, their bad habits such as late night goings out and alcohol consuming were reduced to minimum and casual episodes.The implementation of our programme is visible.In our town which is called Jagodina,we became recognizable so that larger numbers of teachers,parents and children ask for our voluteers’ help.None of the city actions could be imagined without our participation.We spreaded our activities to the children with special needs.There is a extremely good collaboration between our center and the Center for authistic children in Jagodina which volunteers attend at least once a week.Primary school teachers ask for our assistance in helping children who have learning and financial problems.This programme showed itself as an effective social programme which alleviates the consequences of poverty in the environment.The work with old people has become a habit which enables the youngsters to be ennobled ,and the aged to come out of the frame of the every day life.

    The association’s scope of activities:

    1. Direct work with children and young people through:

    -offering help in learning(regardless of the age,abilities and social background but the socially imperiled are given the advantage)

    -working on different fields of creativity(painting,drama,modelling,folklore etc.)

    -ecological activities which volunteers,mentors,children and all the others are involved in

    -working with authistic children

    -working with ill children


    -We organize and attend seminars that are related to volunaty work,and life and position of the young people.Special accent is put on forming attitudes and abilities among the youth so that they could take responsibilities and be independent citizens and organizers in future.

    3.Publishing activities

    -Publishing booklets,printing educational materals

    -Publishing seminar proceedings

    4.Work with old people

    - Co-operation with Geriatric ward and direct work with the aged

    5.International collaboration

    - Collaboration with international organizations of similar type which is realized through attending seminars,campings;through visits of cultural and sports character

    6.Collaboration with the local community

    -The association is budgeted(financially supported) by community executive council.For the time being the local community supports our plans and their realizations.We hope that the co-opertation will be even better and fuller.

    7.Collaboration with institutions

    -The association collaborates with schools,cultural institutions and health services in the town and with institutions out of the town.We are supported by means of public information.The local television and the National television correspndent spread news about our activities.


    Udruzenje za razvoj dobrovoljnog rada Jagodina

    Street address: Ul. Slavke Djurdjevic B3, 35 000 Jagodina, Srbija


    Telephone: +381 35 222 332

    Telefax: + 381 35 243 121



    The Euroalternatives 21 Association was founded as a non-profit organisation in August 2004. It acquired the status of a non-profit judicial entity after its registration at the Blagoevgrad Regional Court on 08.10.2004. The association is the successor of the Yakorudchanka Association and inherited its activities and traditions. Euroalternatives 21 is defined to promote and implement cooperation between the civil sector and the relevant municipal, district and national authorities in Bulgaria.

    It strives to encourage the development and promotion of civil society, to support the economic, social and cultural development of the Yakoruda region and population, to enhance and advance the adherence to the EU values and the values of other international organizations.

    At present the Euroalternatives’ 21 teams elaborate projects in the sphere of historical and cultural heritage preservation of the Yakoruda municipality, improving the situation of the disadvantaged people living in the municipality, and provision of better opportunities for sport activities for young people. The organization takes part in the organization and implementation of municipality events in the sphere of culture and sport.

    Official address : Association with non-economic goal EVROALTERNATIVI 21

    Republic of Bulgaria, region Blagoevgrad,  town Yakoruda, 2790, street: Orehovica 3

    Contact person : Fetie Mustafa Sharanska

    Web Site:

    Telephone number :00358887266440

    E-mail address



    Association of Citizens “Lotos” is non-governmental, non-profitable organization for protection of mental health of children and adults, registered on 23 August 1995 in Zenica.

    Mission of the Association is integration of children and youth with special needs, mutual support to families with disabled members, development of voluntary sector, work with talented children and education, protection of environment and building of tolerance in the local community.

    In its work Association of Citizens Lotos is supported by different governmental institution, public institutions, other NGO-s and the citizens of Zenica and its volunteers without whom our work would not be possible.

    Association of Citizens Lotos offers service to children and young people, both healthy and those with different disabilities in growth and development, and to adults – parents/guardians and teachers who take care about them.

    In Loto’s projects, in the past ten years from its establishment, over 2.500 children, young people and adults took part.

    Our clients are of different age, economic and social structure, from the whole territory of Zenica-Doboj Canton.

    Through its projects Association of Citizens Lotos fills emptiness in the work of governmental organizations which are involved in protection and promotion of mental health of children and adults.

    Zaštita mentalnog zdravlja, Mental Healt Protection, Protection de sante Mental

    Z e n i c a - Crkvice 60, Bosna i Hercegovina

    Tel/fax: +387 32 407-253, 061/186-955





    Association for developing voluntary work Novo mesto is nongovernmental, voluntary, non-profit organization, which works in a public interest in the area of social care. Its mission is to develop and expand voluntary work, especially in the area of social care, education and culture. With its numerous activities it tries to create conditions for better life-quality of children and youth, and to promote the values such as solidarity, tolerance and peaceful intercultural dialog.

    Its goals:

    to develop basic values of voluntary work, to promote voluntarism and to set conditions for development of voluntary work

    to strengthen and promote psychosocial health of children and youth

    to reduce social exclusion of children and youth

    to offer general help to foreigners, to children of various ethnic groups, and to children with difficulties in social integration

    to set conditions for equal opportunities of all children and the young for quality spending of free time

    to promote tolerance, cooperation and intercultural dialogue

    to develop and consolidate cooperation with similar NGOs within Slovenia and worldwide, especially in Southeastern Europe

    to strengthen the Association as contemporary organizational form of civil society and to assure stabile

    Programs and projects through which we realize our mission:

    Day-centre for Children is a program for primary-school children with problems in social integration. Basic point of the program is establishing everyday quality contact among children, volunteers and program leaders. They meet in creative and social workshops which also offer learning instructions and Slovene course for foreigners.

    The Club for Children is a program for children who like to spend their free time actively and creatively. It runs on three different locations of Novo mesto, namely Shopping centre BTC Novo mesto, Roma settlement Šmihel, and Roma settlement Jedinščica.

    School of Intercultural Learning is a program, celebrating 10th anniversary this year. Its aim is to encourage mobility of the young, to promote their active participation, to offer new skills and knowledge and to strengthen intercultural dialogue. Every year it is attended by fifty young people from various parts of Europe.

    Permanent Education and Training for Volunteers is a program whose aim is to equip volunteers with sufficient knowledge, skills and ideas. In this way their competence is constantly being increased, quality work is guaranteed and volunteers are being protected from burnout phenomenon and freed of fear of exposure.

    International Co-operation is a program which prevents from prejudice and stereotype, strengthens respect, tolerance and co-operation through the experience of the different. Important goal of the program is also transfer of knowledge and experience onto partner organizations (especially Slovene cultural associations) in the South-Eastern Europe.

    Promotion of Voluntary Work is a mission of the Association which is being realized through all the programs and projects, through cultural performances and other public events. We promote intercultural dialogue, tolerance and voluntarism also in media.


    Association for developing voluntary work Novo mesto

    Street address:Rozmanova ulica 30, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia



    Telephone: 00386 7 33 73 920

    Telefax: 00386 7 33 73 920



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