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In the last years the Women's Organization has realized a number of projects in different areas:

You can find a lot of information about our activities in previous years,
just click the year below and choose the desired topic;


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 (All below listed activities are accompanied with photos that can be seen in the photo gallery)


"Education of women from rural areas for early discovering of malign diseases of reproductive organs", firstly financially supported by DELFI STAR INTERNATIONAL, and after that by MCIC - Skopje for two years 1999 and 2000. With these projects' realization were provided free gynecological examinations for 350 women. The projects included lectures for breast cancer and uterus cancer for the women from the majority of the villages in the Municipality.

            "Education for women from rural areas for early discovering and confronting with malign diseases of reproductive organs" financed by the Swedish Foundation KVINNA TILL KVINNA realized from January 01, 2001 till December 31, 2001. The project realized 25 workshops with 5 topics in 5 villages in the Municipality, also complete gynecological examinations were provided for 200 women.

            "Can we change at least something" - project financed by the Swedish Foundation KVINNA TILL KVINNA realized during the 2002. The project was consisted of educational part and Initiative for changing the Law for Health Protection. In the educational part of the project were incorporated 3 villages in Lozovo Municipality where 4 workshops were held on topics of malign diseases with a special accent of the psychological condition of the diseased women and their relations with their families. The other constitutive part of this project was the Initiative for changing the legislative regulative in order to insure free of charge gynecological examinations for all women provided by the state government. The project was realized with cooperation of 8 women's NGOs from Macedonia.

            "Education of women for reproductive health"- Project financed by ESE Skopje, realized during 2000 in a first cycle. In the second cycle in 2001 was financed by OSI Macedonia. The target groups of these projects were young girls and women from Macedonian and Roma ethnic background. A total of 8 workshops on topics of reproductive health were realized.

            "Mental health" - project financed in two cycles by ESE during the 2000. Each cycle was consisted of realization of 12 workshops that were addressing women from different age with  topics of mental health.

            "Growth and development of children" - project realized in 2000 with support by ESE and UNICEF. The project was realized for young mothers with children up to 5 years of age, and  discussed 6 topics about the most important problems regarding the health of children up to 5 years of age.

            "Fight against the addictive diseases" realized in 1998 and financed by ISC. This project realization included a tribune for the young people in the town, and at the same time benches were placed in the City Park, where young people are spending their free time.

            "How to confront drugs" project realized in 2000 and financed by the Ministry for Youth and Sports. This project incorporate workshops for youths in 5 villages, including the two primary and the high school in Sveti Nikole.


 Family violence over women and children

             "Family violence" - project financed by OSI Macedonia in 1999.

            "Life in family without fear what will happen next morning", realized in 2000 and financed by UNDP. The project realization consisted of  whole day workshops for women from 5 villages and the town Sveti Nikole, including two groups of primary school children.

            "Family violence, work with general population" in 2001 financially supported by ESE. The project incorporates realization of 6 workshops for two groups of 25 women each on topics of family violence.

            Participation in the coalition " To do at least something" in the campaign for a Law for family violence financed by ESE.

            Round table "What can we do" organized by Women's Organization of Sveti Nikole as constitutive part of the campaign 16 days fight against family violence. The goal of the round table was to speak up openly about the family violence and to find ways and means how to stop it. Representatives from the Center for social works, the Head of the Local Office for labor and social works, Local Government, other NGOs, psychologists, lawyers, social workers and media attended the round table. In the frame of the action 16 days against family violence was realized a radio show at the local radio Sveti Nikole.


 Work with children and youth

             "Let's make a step ahead" - opening of a BABYLON Center for children and youth financed by UNICEF in 2001. The center is open for children on aage 7 to 24, where they receive free of charge courses in English language, computers, life skills, creativity, journalism, debate and other activities.

            "Let's make a step ahead 2" - BABYLON Center for children and youth supported by the Agency for Youth and Sports and the World Bank starting from 2002 and ongoing. All the activities form the previous year are continuing to be realized; with addition of other activities such are sports, traffic, first aid, and German language. The Center has 500 children and youths beneficiaries.

            "We and our world" - project for youths from 14 to 21 year, financed by OSI Macedonia - Youth program, realized in the period April to December 2002. The project incorporates 50 youths that participated the workshops on contemporary topics from the everyday life of the youngsters, and in month of June a summer camp was organized in Pretor.


 Work with general population

             "We have right to know" - project that presented the contents of the framework peace agreement financed by OSI Macedonia and realized in September 2001. A total of 8 workshops were held in 8 villages in Sveti Nikole Municipality, and one round tables was organized in Sveti Nikole.

            Active participation in the campaign "Dosta e", organized by OSI Macedonia

            "Citizens for fair and democratic elections" - project financed by OSI Macedonia, realized in the period July to September 2002. A total of 12 workshops were held, one radio show and a contact TV show where were presented the changes of the election procedures.

            "Election fair play" - OXO - Women's Organization of Sveti Nikole in cooperation with OXO realized activity in relation with Election fair play campaign, with a goal to motivate the citizens to vote. On August 28,  2002 a tribune was held in the big hall of the Cultural House in Sveti Nikole on a topic 'Election fair play - why not. Lecturers at the tribune were professor Dimitar Mirchev, and Sasho Klekovski from MCIC, as well as one local representative from the WO - legal assistant Daniela Paneva. The tribune was attended by local candidates for MPs, representatives from the local Government, NGOs and citizens. The lecturers also had presentation  at the local TV Svet. At the same time 4 members of the Organization were collecting signatures for the Declaration for fair and democratic elections, where 1500 signatures were collected from voting citizens, which is more than 10% of the population of Sveti Nikole with a right to vote.

 Economic empowerment of women

            Active participation of the Citizens Initiative of women in cooperation with other NGOs, Local Government, the Workers Union, private business sector and media. The project was realized in a period from September 2001 to September 2002 in organization of STAR World Learning. A total of 4 workshops were realized with 30 women, contact show with potential donors and creditors at the local TV Svet, and a round table attended by women entrepreneurs, donators and creditors were held.


 Other activities:

            On a local level participation in the action - Sveti Nikole the cleanest town in Macedonia in cooperation with the local NGOs and the Local Government. In this regard were realized a number of ecological actions in the town and the nearby areas, and was organized a contest for best arranged house yard.

            Attendance of different seminars by our members in the country and abroad.



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